Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Will next year be a year of Dreams or Goals for you?

A discussion thread on the Property Tribes Forum was started a few days ago entitled 'What are your Goals for Next Year?' and the subject of Greed came up. There seems to be a growing number of so-called 'Property Gurus' successfully extracting £'000's by sharing their so-called 'Property Millionaire Secrets' even though they rarely achieved this sort of success themselves  - below is a post which I contributed to the discussion, I thought it worthy of repeating here:-

The 'Greed' thing is fascinating.

There are many of us on this forum who have made a good living from their property and built up portfolios steadily over a number of years in a sustainable and achievable way but I wonder how many of you have people knocking at your doors to ask you the secret and pay you even a sensible amount of money for your expertise?

I'd hazard a guess - not many. I often get asked for help and advice but generally on a 'freebie' basis - if I were to mention that my advice comes at £1000 an hour they'd run a mile, I doubt if any would even pay 10% of that - they don't want to hear that it will take them 10 years or more to make a living from their property.

But if I told them they could become a Millionaire in 18mths - even though it almost certainly can't be achieved except in the rarest and most exceptional cases - then I'm sure I'd get a response. Presentation is everything of course and if you can stand up in front of people and give them a good show they'll be taken in - that's a fact, people love the dream and the drama.

I really wish people would see it for what it is - a glittering show designed to appeal to their dreams.

Goals should be realistic. Dreams are Dreams born out of Greed. Goals must be achievable and bring satisfaction and joy.

So will next year be a year of Dreams or a year of Goals for you? 
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sam said...

Interesting Jo. I think Greed motivates so many - and in the end it is part of the downfall. I have been offered a lot of money both to personally mentor people and also people offering me money to invest in my business (on one occasion over 100k).

I fear than when you start accepting "sell out payments" you forget your true business.