Friday, 31 December 2010

The Best Things About Estate Agents

As we leave 2010 and after much gloom in the Property Sector what better way to start the new year than with a brand new positive look at the long suffering Estate Agents’ industry?

Love them or hate them we just can’t do without them so let’s look at what we like most about them, for the purposes of this blog and to avoid sexual stereotypes our ideal agent is called Wallace:-

  1. Wallace will take time to understand your reasons for selling and timescales. 
  2. Wallace will give you three different valuations:-
i)                    One that ensures your property is under offer within four weeks
ii)                   One that may be possible in a lively market when there are plenty of buyers about but which might need some effort on Wallace’s part to pull off and
iii)                 One which is probably not achievable and will have your property and Wallace’s ‘For Sale’ sign hanging around for a year or two waiting for the market to catch up
 – Wallace should advise you against this last valuation which really won’t do either of you any favours but will warn you that other Agents are likely to wave this temptation under your nose.
  1. Wallace will advise you on any improvements you could and should make to maximise its’saleability and value.  Wallace will provide you with details of people who can help you with these improvements in a swift and cost-effective way.
  2. Wallace will take plenty of bright, clear and smart photographs and/or videos highlighting the best your property has to offer - ensuring clutter and unsightly objects are removed before taking photographs.  Wallace will not take photos of washing, lifted toilet seats, unmade beds, open cupboards, piles of clothing, pet food dishes, pet beds or ash trays.
  3. Wallace will keep up to date with all marketing methods available to ensure your property is found by any potential buyer.  Wallace will embrace new technology, Social Media, online and offline networking leaving no stone unturned in promoting your property. 
  4. Wallace will charge the appropriate fee that ensures your property gets maximum and appropriate exposure. Wallace will not cut corners and avoid costs which are necessary.
  5. Wallace and well trained colleagues will update you and advise you regularly.
  6. Wallace and aforementioned colleagues will answer the phone, arrange and attend viewings during early evenings, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.  This, after all is when most Buyers wish to view is it not?
  7. Wallace will understand the nuts and bolts of property and conveyancing. When the survey and legal process throws up the unexpected, causing panic and adverse reactions from potential Buyers, Wallace will respond proactively and swiftly to smooth over the bumps along the way.  Wallace will not allow ‘ransom’ situations to arise at ‘Exchange’.
  8. Wallace will consider the Buyer’s needs throughout – the Buyer is after all the Vendor’s customer.
  9. Wallace will co-ordinate the communication process between all parties keeping the ‘cogs’ well-oiled and moving.
  10. Wallace will not take a day off or go on holiday at Exchange or Completion without delegating efficiently to well trained and informed colleague(s).

I’m looking forward to meeting Wallace in 2011!


Walker Fox said...

Can't add to that Jo!

Richard Greenland said...

I'd like to meet Wallace too! Perhaps you need to start an estate agency Jo!

Jo King said...

Good idea Rich - I have the Mission Statement now!

sam said...

Indeed - this should be your list of Agency Commandments!!