About Jo

Jo bought her first property in 1978 at the age of 19 – a 3 bed terrace in East Sussex with plenty of potential for ‘Added Value’ which she went on to maximise.

In 1982 she met Deric, her husband and Soul Mate who has a wealth of technical knowledge to complement Jo’s financial and practical skills.

Together they have built, renovated and added value to a wide variety of properties in East Sussex, Surrey and Devon.

They have built a strong and varied portfolio of Investment properties giving them the financial freedom to give up their 9 to 5’s and travel Europe for 2 years before returning to take up full time Property Investment and Development in 2008.

2009 brought unexpected challenges for most Property People but Jo & Deric have experienced previous downturns, high interest rates and stagnant markets and they felt strong enough to ride the storm.

Jo puts their success down to tight financial control and spotting the potential for ‘Added Value’ which has been achieved largely through a combination of physical hard work, thorough and detailed research, tenacity and endless persistence in the face of adversity.

2010 saw Jo and Deric embark on another property renovation using traditional and sustainable techniques.

Jo's passion for Social Networking has opened new doors and brought many new like-minded friends into her life.

Jo will be delighted if you choose to follow, share and exchange.