Sunday, 28 February 2010

Reflecting on the Week

Zurich Building Guarantees Insurance is not always what you expect it to be and I have been looking at their inconsistent approach to dealing with claims for defects in residential property

Most people think that adding additional accomodation to a property adds value, this is often the case. But at what point does the value of the additional accommodation become a less attractive option? It's been an interesting journey researching and establishing how an annex affects the value of a detached property - more on this and other ways to add value to your property next week.

SIPS panels are making a big come back in the UK at last. They are an excellent way of achieving the thermal qualities required for new sustainable homes, they are light weight and can speed up the construction process. But can they be used for renovation and re-modelling of older homes? - well we have decided to give it a go and remodel the upper floor of our house using SIPS panels. Deric is doing all the technicial drawing and specifications whilst I interfere with the 'niceties' of design and the budget - well that's what women do isn't it?

Today saw news that Property Prices are on the slide again - according to Nationwide's figures for February - so is this the start of an ongoing slide, an inevitable correction or just a blip due to bad weather, stamp duty or the January Blues?

The Conservatives have released their Planning Green Paper. Will this bring more or fewer opportunities for Property Developers and Investors? Another layer of reforms for us to come to grips with.

More on all of this later

Jo is a Blogger at last

Today I join the online Blogging Community and hope to share, entertain, engage and inform anyone who has an interest in all things 'Property'.