Friday, 3 September 2010

Who Jo Met Today - Sam Collett

The inspiration for this blog has come from a friend, Sam Collett who writes a regular blog called ‘What Sam Saw Today’.

Sam is a ballsy, inspirational property lady who has moved mountains and continues to do so every day in her world of property investment and development; auctions; sales and if that’s not enough she writes eloquently and has bundles of enthusiasm which just overflows to anyone near her.

This talented lady owns a high street property management agency, a free property matchmaking portal for Landlords and tenants, has won a prestigious National Landlords’Association Property Women of the year award 2010, writes a regular column for Your Property Network magazine, had articles published, writes tons of blogs and posts, organises property meets and still manages to drive hundreds of miles every week sourcing cracking property deals which she generously shares with others – having the ability to find too many for her own consumption!

Sam is supportive and her knowledge on Investments and particularly Auctions is awesome so you could do yourself a big favour and seek out this talented Property Lady, follow her antics and learn – she is a rising Star who is likely to evolve into a dazzling Planet very soon.

I had the pleasure of spending Bank Holiday Monday with Sam which inspired me to start a series of Blogs called ‘Who Jo Met Today’. It is fitting to start the first blog about Sam herself and I hope to continue meeting and blogging about inspirational property people over the coming weeks and months.

Find out more about Sam:-

Blog - What Sam Saw Today

Website : VirtuaLetz