Sunday, 31 October 2010

Renovation & Remodelling a 1960's House

As we near completion of our Project, it’s a good time to post a few ‘Before & After’ photos.   We have used some new and exciting eco products, top quality finishes and first class labour. 

My blogs are sometimes a bit technical, I make no apology for that – far too often we are bombarded with Renovation Projects featuring new Kitchens, Bathrooms & Décor. Little attention being paid to the most important part of a renovation – the structure and fabric of the building:

  • Roof
  • Drainage & Guttering
  • Insulation
  • Services
  • Windows and Doors

Without a sound and efficient structure, the rest has little long term merit, so that’s where we put most of our money and effort.  However, we have also installed some great quality interior finishes too and my best bargain was the ex-display Alno kitchen – over £20k’s worth of kitchen with ‘Bling’ for less than £3k!
After: Bargain Ex-Display Alno Kitchen
Before : Kitchen

Before : Main Bathroom
After: Main Bathroom

After: Main Bathroom

Some of the eco improvements are hidden:
  • A Fully automated Rainwater Harvesting System under the balcony, halving our water bill.
  • The 300mm insulation is well hidden too but the new efficient heating system is now turned off except for one radiator in the bathroom!
  • The Solar hot water tank installed in the basement is awaiting the installation of  Solar Panels on the South Elevation until then we are relying on our new ultra efficient system boiler – also installed in the basement.

Not quite finished yet - we will be installing some external insulation, cladding, more guttering and a couple of windows over the next 2-3 weeks and our Hyperactive Plasterer, Adrian is whizzing around on his stilts into the bedrooms today.

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David GW Bartlett said...

Hi Jo,

Great job. Presume this is for you to live in? Or is it for sale?

Best regards, David GW Bartlett

Jo King said...

Thanks David.

We usually try and live in our projects when we finish them - it's tax effective that way, establishing it as our Principal Private Residence. It's also a great place to live and we need a rest!


Sam said...

Wowee this is a superb renovation. So clever, well designed, and eco friendly as well!

Jo King said...

Thank you Sam. A labour of love but well worth it.

Chris Wood said...

As always, insightful stuff. Just suggested your post to our customers to read on our Facebook page I hope they enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Jo King said...

Thanks Chris

Will check out your facebook page


Anonymous said...

Vibrant and oh so inviting, kudos luxury home builders in Los Angeles.

kristine said...

You are a treasure! Your attention to detail is incredible; and you continue to amaze and delight in every house remodeling in Los Angeles you do!